static motion

Cellphone camera experiments

Interesting morphing effects can be achieved by tilting the camera while image is being captured. With a lot of grain and finicky white balance, the resulting images are reminiscent of cheap disposable 35mm cameras.

A soldier’s dance

Choreographed by Keiko Kitano, A Soldier’s Dance is a modern dance performance premiered at the the International Dance Day.  We shot live on location at one of the Toronto Pearson Airport terminals.  The ethereal, glass architecture of the terminal allowed me to photograph with …


I had the immense pleasure of having my photographs published in Shingo Tokihiro’s latest book “Sekai.” You can see more of his fantastic work at


Here are some rough edits from my photoshoot with Keiko Kitano and Shingo Tokihiro at the Scarborough Bluffs.

A little reminiscence from 1999

This short video clip was an experiment done on my then state-of-the-art P II 400. This piece was influenced by Kandinsky’s paintings. Kandinsky associated color with the sounds of musical instruments which is closely related to the way music in …


Autumn in Poland