Date: 01/08/2004

Category: commercial

The construction of our University Media Production Centre in 2004 called for a computerized asset management system, with powerful equipment circulation capabilities, late fee management and other administrative modules.  As nothing this flexible existed at the time, I developed mediaScope which has now for years been the workhorse of the centre’s asset management.

Over the years the app has evolved to feature barcode-based user and asset tracking with extended memo notes and image attachments; rent/return and renew functions; complete database browser with instantaneous record search function; built-in cloud services such as internal communications, facility bookings, support ticket system; late fee module that determines late penalty fines as well as any other imposed fines for broken equipment, etc; ftp/usb-based backup function; user group assignment: for example: specific DSLRs for photo students only, video equipment for journalism students only, etc.

The latest major update included a Topaz electronic signature pad, making the circulation process entirely paper-free.

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