Whispers of the Equinox

Date: 15/03/2006

Category: installation

A collaborative multimedia installation/modern dance performance – world premiere at the Winchester Theatre, Toronto on March 16, 2006.  This performance explores the issue of gender inequality through one woman’s journey to discover the place of the Equinox, where both genders exist in a perfect, delicate balance.

The piece employs randomly generated music and computer imagery which are created in real time in front of the audience. All elements in the performance — even the ones highly improvised — adhere to certain strict and pre-calculated processes to created a unified experience for the viewer. All these elements have the likelihood to be changed and influenced along the way thereby creating an indeterminate and improvised piece.

The soundtrack consists of several tracks which are played through the main stage speakers as well as portable speakers which the artist activates and positions around the audience during the performance. This process creates beautiful layered effect which surrounds the audience.

The visual elements of the performance are made up of three video projections. The initial projection is revealed and shown for the first 4 minutes of the dance.


Setting up the projection

The final view of the interactive projection

The second projection is played from minidv tape and projected on the dancer as well as white fabric held by the Koken. It consists of random images representing various elements of the Japanese culture.

The final projection is generated live in front of the audience and projected through two glass jars. It represents spirit entities roaming freely in the spirit world.

Choreography and dance by Keiko Kitano, music by TAMURAN MUSIC, costume design by Shingo Tokihiro, multimedia by Rick Thomson and Radek Pacanowski, performance photography by Cylla von Tiedemann.

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