Tap on the shoulder

Date: 05/10/2001

Category: installation

Some say that fear is an illusion. I say that meaning is an illusion in the sense that there is no such thing as objective meaning. All meaning that we attach to reality is subjective and thus illusionary. There is no inherent meaning embedded within reality as all meaning we attach to reality is subjective.

The installation consists of drying laundry suspended on two wires. We see a variety of clothes representing the many faces of people one meets on a busy street. On one of the clothes, lies a projection of a person standing, with their back turned towards us: a female on one side, a male on the other. Upon touching the fabric, the projection of the person now turns to face us and we hear a voice (randomly selected by the computer from a library of recordings) telling us about their fears.

The content for this installation is based on research I conducted where I asked a group of Canadians and Americans to share their fears. The installation explores the illusionary attribute of fear being the result of various subjective meanings we attach to reality.

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