epaper photography

Date: 03/01/2012

Category: journal / static motion

I am quite fascinated with the coarse quality of eInk displays.  They give otherwise pristine but sterile digital images a new life, a breath of consequential beauty hidden in the low resolution, black and white depictions.

As analog production workflows are near their natural death, I find myself drawn to their past and their lost potential for experiencing the tactile.

In this project, I aim to explore the consequences of introducing a deliberate point of interception in a digital image production workflow.  In this case, I use high resolution images produced with the use of a digital sensor, and I transfer them digitally to a black and white ePaper display.  Using a high resolution digital camera, I then photograph the eInk display, which in turn beautifully ruins the digital images.

Displayed below are my early tests of this process.  More to come  soon.



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