I had the immense pleasure of having my photographs published in Shingo Tokihiro’s latest book “Sekai.” You can see more of his fantastic work at shingotokihiro.com


Here are some rough edits from my photoshoot with Keiko Kitano and Shingo Tokihiro at the Scarborough Bluffs.

Whispers of the Equinox

A collaborative multimedia installation/modern dance performance – world premiere at the Winchester Theatre, Toronto on March 16, 2006.  This performance explores the issue of gender inequality through one woman’s journey to discover the place of the Equinox, where both genders …

A little reminiscence from 1999

This short video clip was an experiment done on my then state-of-the-art P II 400. This piece was influenced by Kandinsky’s paintings. Kandinsky associated color with the sounds of musical instruments which is closely related to the way music in …


The construction of our University Media Production Centre in 2004 called for a computerized asset management system, with powerful equipment circulation capabilities, late fee management and other administrative modules.  As nothing this flexible existed at the time, I developed mediaScope which has now for …


Autumn in Poland